To identify and recover duplicate and erroneous invoices and payments is not only time consuming, but these are costly processes for an organization to cover. S-DNA is able to save you these resources. The team processes these activities in full for the benefit of her clients in a professional, transparant and reliable manner.

Clarity and reliability

Build the future of your organization by using the cornerstones of trust and certainty with Project Analyzer:

  • Analyses on over 60 elements which includes (a.o.) duplicate and erroneous invoices, missed VAT in tax returns and missed cash discounts
  • Identification of erroneous, missing credit notes and fake invoices
  • Identification of critical points in financial and administrative processes that are the cause of incorrect bookings and payments
  • Identification of fraud
  • Identification of fiscal risks

More cashflow through indepth insights

Recapture of overpayments and the identification of the root causes; that is what the Analyzer provides. The insights are provided in comprehensive discovery reports for our clients to adapt changes from within the organization. In this way clients will be able to prevent their organization of the root causes of overpayments and erroneous payments and move into the future.

When an organization would like to move forward and implement certain practical changes, consultants of S-DNA can provide that support needed.

  • Stop overpayments
  • Partnership within the network of S-DNA is key 

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