Supplier master data thoroughly up-to-date 

Incomplete and incorrect data are one of the root causes of erroneous invoice entries, double payments and fraud. On top of this, it could lead to fiscal risks.
It is of inmense importance that these data is up-to-date. Correcting these inaccuracies in master data will lead to enormous costs savings in the procure-to-pay-cycles.
S-DNA has developed the network of these supplier master data that provides the tool for clients to update the master data in no time. This way clients prevent risks and costs through central and accurate information.

Monitor Analyzer sends clients a periodic online report with up-to-date data of their suppliers and, when connected to Project Analyzer, clients receive:

  • Up-to-date supplier master data - 60 point analyses focused on erroneous payments, among which: 
    • double and overpayments
    • phantom invoices
    • erroneous payments to incorrect bankaccounts
    • payments of invoices to payments to bankrupted suppliers.

Monitor Analyzer is frequently used in organizations that need flexibility in their growth. Next, Monitor Analyzer can be the tool for organizations that are changing their internal structure due to reorganizations, mergers or migrating and/or changing the ERP systems.

Successful organizations with reliable and up-to-date information

Monitor Analyzer helps our clients to make choices faster based on reliable and accurate data.
For example; choices in digitizing the invoicing process, centralizing and decentralizing the administration, professionalizing the procurement department and the information that should or should not be communicated to buyers.

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