Project Analyzer

Maximum analytical power

Project Analyzer identifies and recovers profits in the procure-to-pay processes. These are (a.o.) duplicate and erroneous invoices and payments, missed VAT in tax returns and missed cash discounts.

Accounts payable operations - whether outsourced, in-house or in a shared services center - nearly meet 100% accuracy. The Analyzer helps you to ‘beat the odds’ with an analyses of 60 elements that discovers, recovers and returns analytics to highlight root causes of overpayments to implement immediately. Project Analyzer will protect your organization resources of money, time and human capital and helps you to improve and streamline your processes.

We work on a performance fee. You will only compensate us when our partnership has resulted in recovered profits.

» Recover - up to 7 years
Analyzer Monitor

Independent and up-to-date

Analyzer Monitor provides, in addition to the identification of hidden profits, up-to-date analytics and accurate details of your suppliers. Working continuously with new insights and an interactive supplier network will help you to make choices faster with the correct and accurate details.

Accurate details that support you to recover hidden profits yourself. It also helps you to implement and improve the processes of digitalizing, centralizing or decentralizing your administration. MonitorAnalyzer is a product to enhance your finance performance on an ongoing basis.

In addition to Monitor Analyzer, S-DNA can recover the profits for your organization, on a performance fee basis.

» 24/7 up-to-date
S-DNA Consultancy

Optimization on a structural level

Consultants of S-DNA use the analytics of the Analyzer software to provide you with the relevant information to enhance the financial performance of your organization. We help organizations that are improving through projects like standardization, optimization and digitizing the financial administrative processes that all serve the goal of maximizing return for your organization.

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