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Because of growing requests in the market, we have added a Global Analyzer Intelligence team to our Accounts Payable (AP) services. This team of specialists, in discovering hidden profits, has the international experience to guarantee the highest ROI enterprises are looking for. Besides receiving the highest possible revenue and new insights, you will be able to follow the stream of information and insights on every (mobile) device.

With this service clients experienced the shortest time between an AP audit analysis and cash flow, a quality service and the guarantee of the lowest AP audit fee in the market. For additional information we are glad to meet with you. Discover your options by contacting us at + 1 (404) 734 7063 or at +31 (0) 20 716 3111.


The Analyzer analyses over 60 disorders 60 punten in Accounts Payable (AP) data. In addition to the regular double invoiced products & services and double paid invoices, the Analyzer recovers profits for you in:


Unknown credit amounts -  Unknown credit invoices - Bonuses - Payment Discounts - Subscriptions - Investments - Currency differences - Complex settlements - Currency Bookings - Declarations - Checks - Incorrect Invoices - Copies - Reminders - Injunctions - Purchase credits

Optional: Invoice / contract compliance


Payment Discounts - Bank versus SEPA payment - Partial Payments - Double payments - Manual and automatic payments - Payment differences between banking systems  and administration - Overlap G-bank account and business bank account - Credit Invoice payments - Ghost Invoice payments - Credit card payments versus declarations - Currency Payments - Priority Payments - Prepayments


Tax calculations - Domestic VAT - International tax - Tax bookings - Interpretation Difference - VAT rate changes - Reverse charge mechanism


Phantom Invoice bookings -  Bankruptcy Fraud - Bank account verification - Integrity of the vendors - Unwanted payment clearings by suppliers


Paper and Electronic Invoices - Double Bookings - Suppliers Master Data Entry - Supplier Information Management - Invoice Scanning - Master Data Pollution - Adjustments of Invoice Bookings - Memorial Bookings - One-Time Vendors - Payment Discount on Credit Notes - System Settings - Bonus Invoices - Invoice Approval - Purchase Orders (PO) - Data Crossover Analysis between Files of Different Subsidiaries, Locations (Countries) and Departments.

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