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Mision and values

Optimizing profitability for our clients is the mission of S-DNA. At S-DNA we work through a proven and reliable method to discover and recover erroneous invoices and double payments. 

At S-DNA we honor reliability and partnership. Agreements within our collaborations are clear and communication structures are transparent and short. There is time for questions and suggestions and we pride ourselves for optimum confidentially of clients' data and workprocesses. S-DNA delivers subsequent on mutual agreements.


S-DNA provides three products:  Project Analyzer©Analyzer© Monitor and S-DNA Consultancy. The three products are implemented seperately, but are also excellent cornerstones to connect.
In Project
Analyzer© the team analyzes invoices and supplierdata of recent history up to 7 years back and recovers erroneous payments automatically. Analyzer©  Monitor keeps the supplierdata up-to-date, accurate and delivers periodiacally insight reports considering erroneous invoices and payments.  S-DNA Consultancy delivers relevant recommendations and implements these to eliminate root causes of erroneous payments and invoices based on clear agreements with our clients. 


S-DNA operates through a standardized process with a Project Manager who coordinates all appointments and agreements made. Progress and results can be tracked 24/7 through an online secured portal, solely and especially made for the client of the specific project. 

Statements Analyses (automated)

Periodic verification of statement analyses ensures that our clients know about missed credit invoices and information about unwanted invoice payments. It assists you in the optimization of the cash flow, matches supplierdata and helps discovering and recovering root causes of mismatched processes. 

The automated Statement Analyses proposes clients the possibility to have a fast, professional analyses with limited need of resources invested from our clients.

ERP- and administration systems

The internal developed network of S-DNA communicates with every financial administration/ERP system. These are, amongst others; SAP, Centric, Oracle, Exact, Unit4, Basware, Microsoft Dynamics and JD Edwards. 

Insights & Discovery Reports

Clear insights, conclusions and recommendation within and from Project Analyzer© and Analyzer© Monitor. Data will be converted into clear and useable statistics. The Insights & Discovery (I&D) reports will point out exactly where premiums can be found.
I&D reports enable clients to simplify and improve efficiency of processes, like; 

  • digitalizing the invoiceprocess,
  • consolidate administration to one financial shared service center 
  • compare administrations
  • migrate or update to a new (version of) ERP /administration system 

Recovery Audit / Recovery of double payments

A recovery audit is also called a "post-transaction-event". When a potentially incorrect payment is discovered, the erroneous payment can be recovered while profitability of the client improves. Project Analyzer© and Analyzer© Monitor can be categorized as a Recovery Audit in its broadest sense. The depth of the Analyzer takes care of double payments and 59 other elements are investigated and will be recovered when appropriate.
The outcomes of the analyses helps to improve business processes and internal checks.
The investment in resources and time can be significant for clients, that is one of the reasons they decide to work with S-DNA and use their tools. 

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