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Mission and values

Our mission is to optimizing profitability for our clients. S-DNA developed a reliable system to discover and recover erroneous invoices and double payments. 

Our team works with the values reliability and partnership. Agreements within our collaborations are clear and communicationstructures and lines are transparent and short. There is time for questions and suggestions and we do pride ourselves for optimum confidentiality of clients' data and workprocesses. S-DNA delivers following mutual agreements.

Up-to-date of vendor data, for who?

The network is available for every organization, from small to large multinationals. Users are found accessible throughout any point in the world. Our services are provided within the profit and the not-for-profit sectors like healthcare and hovernemental bodies.

How does the DNA-network exactly work?

It matches new and existing information of a vendor, automatically the information is verified. A user only has to log-in once to update the information for several clients. If the match is not 100% then S-DNA adds the missing iformation.

Why would my vendors cooperate?

The relation between client and vendors is important. Not only for the viability of the organization but also for the vendor himself. Through an accurate profile the relationship strenghtens as the procure-to-payment process is handled efficiently.

How reliable is the DNA-network?

S-DNA has high standards concerning the reliability of clients' and suppliers'data. To live up to our high standards, the following rules are applied:

  • S-DNA host, in collaboration with Vellance, its servers at euNetworks. This happens under the following certification which we can discuss with regard to the safety and quality around the data center: ISO 27001, PCI DDS, ISO 9001, ISO 5001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, FACT and SSAE16;
  • Staff of S-DNA is screened for good behavior. Upon request statements from employees can be exchanged that are used for the job;
  • HTTPS is used to encrypt the exchange of information, as is also regulated by online banking;
  • The data in the DNA network of DNA-network users and their relationships, like suppliers, are separated for safety reasons and accessible only by personal login;
  • The exchange of documents is done by a SFTP server that controls above norms.

For more information about the security, please call +31 (0)20 716 3111


All organizations have a personal username and password that will be sent by mail or e-mail. The relations within the DNA-network are responsible for receiving, saving and the use of the login.

All existing relationships are able to view full profiledata. The network is set up individually and is unique for every client.

ERP- and administration systems

S-DNA's developed the network in house. The network of S-DNA communicates with every financial administrationsystem/ERP system. E.g. ; SAP, Centric, Oracle, Exact, Unit4, Basware, Microsoft Dynamics and JD Edwards.

What else is available?

S-DNA delivers recovery audits. A recovery audit is also called a "post-transaction-event". When a possible incorrect payment is discovered, we verify and recover the erroneous payment. Hereby we improve profitability for our clients.

Project Analyzer and Monitor Analyzer are recovery audits in their broadest sense. The depth of the Analyzer finds double payments and 59 other elements are investigated and hidden profits will be recovered.
The outcome of our analysis helps to improve business processes and enhances organizations to work more efficient.
The investment in resources and time can be huge if a comparable analysis is developed by individual businesses. Therefore the services of S-DNA are of great benefit since we do the work for our clients.

Further information or a proposal via e-mail?

Contact us today or call us at +31 (0) 20 716 31 11.

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